Glennis Oakenbaum

A no nonsense warrior type.


6 feet tall and bulky, Glennis reflects the large humans she came from. A shock of black hair that was rather obviously chopped off with a dagger and no benefit of a mirror sticks up at odd angles. At first glance, she could be a young man. The only things of beauty on her person are her ice blue eyes, and the delicate gold necklace around her neck.


Glennis Oakenbaum was born to the barbarians, only child of a doomed mother. Her father raised her to be the boy he wished she had been. She always wondered if there was more to life than the “negotiations” between the clans, and being less respected than men with half her skill.

One day, she just left, taking only her armor, weapons, and a necklace of her mothers. She was determined to see the world, and would sell her skills to the highest bidders along the way.

Glennis Oakenbaum

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