"What's in it for me?"



Race: Human (barbarian)
Traits: Contacts (sellswords)

Accurate 15
Cunning 9
Discreet 7
Persuasive 5
Quick 13
Resolute 10
Strong 11
Vigilant 10

Bodyguard (novice)
Man-at-arms (novice)
Shield Fighter (adept)

Dagger 1D4 (short)
Bow 1D6
Sword 1D8
Shield bash 1D4 (+chance to knock-down)

Crow armor 1D6 (Impeding)
Defense 11 (shield)
Toughness 11
Pain Threshold 6

Pipe and tobacco
dice set
camp equipment
weapon maintenance kit
9 shillings

Blooming green (corruption: 0)


You have walked the path of steel from early childhood, as a member of the proud clan Jezora.

But ever since your clan was annihilated by Ambrian forces a dozen years ago you have wandered alone – most likely as the only surviving Jezite. You have leased your weapon to the highest bidder, Ambrian or barbarian, but the constant warring has begun to eat at your soul.

And you are plagued by a nagging conscience due to the fact that you survived when your brothers and sisters followed Chieftain Haloban into death. It is time to retire. You are probably employed as a caravan guard, hoping that it will prove to be a low-risk job that lets you earn enough to eventually stop working and settle down somewhere close to the forest of Davokar.

On the way south you may have befriended some or all of Rageor, Niha, Karla and Fenya.


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