Orlan of the House Daar

"I am Panser! You have my word!"


Orlan, of the House Daar

Race: Human (Ambrian)
Traits: Privileged

Accurate 11
Cunning 7
Discreet 5
Persuasive 13
Quick 10
Resolute 10
Strong 15
Vigilant 9

Dominate (novice)
Leader (adept)
Two-handed force (novice)

Dagger 1D4 (short)
Sword 1D8
Two-handed sword 1D12

Fortified chainmail 1D8 (Impeding)
Defense 6 (dodge) or 7 (shield)
Toughness 15
Pain Threshold 8

Pouch with soil from the family residence in the south
camp equipment
weapon maintenance kit
1 thaler and 5 shillings

Gleaming silver (corruption: 0)


You are the youngest son of a – besides you – extinct house of nobility. The estates and your relatives perished in the Great War; you were accepted into the ranks of the Queen’s Pansars, thanks to your skills and your family name.

After a time of service you have had enough of patrols and drills, and have resigned from the knights’ guard in order to find a purpose in life, perhaps even the strength to rebuild your house from its ruined state.

You may very well have stayed behind in Alberetor as a member of the rearguard while the Queen and her people traveled over the mountains, possibly because you have a hard time leaving the tombs and lands of your family. Bartolom and Ansel can be old acquaintances of yours, maybe from the battlefield during the last clashes of the Great War.

Orlan of the House Daar

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