"Annoy me not!"


Race: Ogre
Traits: Long-lived, Pariah, Robust (novice)

Accurate 10
Cunning 9
Discreet 5
Persuasive 7
Quick 11
Resolute 13
Strong 15
Vigilant 10

Berserker (novice), Twin Attack (adept)

Dagger 1D6+1D4 (short)
2 swords 1D8+1D4

Leather apron 1D4 (Impeding)
Defense 8 (parry)
Toughness 15
Pain Threshold 8

Self-made flute that only plays in minor
4 ortegs

Dark green like moss (corruption: 0)


Many years ago you came wandering through Davokar nameless and blank, and were taken in by a witch who taught you to speak and behave. She never gave you a name, aware that you do not need one – after all, you know who you are and that is enough. Instead the servant of the witch named you, with a nickname to suit your temperament. Since then you have been known as Rageor, and when the witch died of old age you left the forest behind.

There seems to be much to learn about the world. You may have ended up south of the Titans by chance (“What lies down south?”), or because you previously befriended Fenya, Karla or Kvarek and just tagged along. A thrilling alternative is that the witch who raised you may have been killed by Templars. If that is the case you may very well be hunted by both witches and Black Cloaks who wish to know more about what the witch was doing or why she died.


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