Symbaroum - Descent into Ambria

Shore Town
Tacking into the Wind

The travel to the shore town of Armanistra had existed after Cuta was taken offline, and was a town of survivors. Over the centuries the shore town had been used by survivors for boating and trade.

Over time, it has been traded by barbarians and the tradesmen of the North. But it has a few dark secrets, that neither have ever learned.

"They mostly come out at night. Mostly."


Goblin City

Everything here is Reverlik.

The city is Reverlik. The surrounding lands. The festival at night is Reverlik. Everything.

Festival lights made from small lanterns loft themselves north until they are caught in the prevailing wind, drawn straight toward the beach, just twenty miles to the shore… and the main city.

No one goes there, they say. No one.

Or at least if they do, ….no one comes back.

The City in the North

The ancient city stretched out across the horizon, overgrown and lost to time.

Small figures darted about between the shadows and from door to door.

Moon Bridge
The Call

Sara reached out to their few remaining allies.

The elf Saran was awake and able to receive the message, but he had little good news. Cuta has returned as ordered and was replenishing her energy, leaving the party without answers at a critical time they were needed.

Access would be available, but the question would be whether she could return across the vast distance, or send them any kind of transport.

In four days, Saran would either send help, or return to Thistlehold to wait for the party’s return, in six long months.


It was late at night, when the creature wandered into the camp.

First Night

The cave was a suitable hiding place.

Trees felled like matchsticks made for a steady campfire that burned through the night. The party set a guard and waited, but after ten hours, the sky was barely light.

It was far to the north.

In the Northern Reach, the Steppes would lead safely through the coldest peaks in Alberetor, back to Ambria, or the party could head north to the coast, and follow the coast back. Either option would take six months.

Ultimately the party decided to head north to the beach, to see whether the ancient city noted on the extreme northern edge of the map still stood, and might have another ship.

It was a gamble, but it was a good one.

Telk remained unconscious, and broke a heavy fever while deliriously mumbling about Bertolin and their deal. By the following morning, he was awake.

Step Out Into Darkness

The party was prepared for a grand adventure. The immense vessel they had found seemed to answer to their commands, and moved of its own accord toward the stars themselves.

But as the ship began to move, Telk’s skin began to ripple, and he began to scream. The terror in his voice began to intensify as he cried out, “TAKE US BACK DOWN!” The ship lurched and dove toward the earth. Faster and faster, as Telk lost consciousness, the strange vessel hurtled toward the ground.

Small dots became trees. Trees became mammoth. Impact.


The ship would never fly again. There were sparks, and the acrid smell of fire without flame. Diabase cracked and split by heat and pressure made patterns like a spider’s web, and there was a hiss of air from a dozen small holes in the craft.

Kibble's Friends

They forgot to burn the bodies…

The Center of the Dark
"What's a camera?"

Cuta can access other locations, including the center of the Dark. There is a chance that someone could disconnect the power, and let the Dark slowly leak away over the next several thousand years.


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