Symbaroum - Descent into Ambria

Lost Girl - Entry 2
Personal Journal of Saraethia the Changeling

If someone had told me that I would be one hundred and six, and just now grasping the concept of belonging, I would have been insulted. That’s not to say that I’m filled with the warm fuzzies for everyone and we are one big happy family, but… I think we are bonding. In our own ways.

This sounds stupid to write, and even worse to say but I’d changed my mind about what I wrote before. It wasn’t Telk’s fault. I can’t even write why, but it’s bad. Really bad. He was used and manipulated, same as me, same as any other changeling. Bertolin started it, taught him to hide himself, made him what he is. It’s not his fault, and yeah, I believe him. Maybe I’m just blind, but I believe him. I also know that he’s killed for me, which isn’t something that I can say about just about anyone, that Troll, the sheep, and the cats to Marybelle.

That’s another thing, the kid has this ability, she can just slough off her corruption like it never happened. She forgets what she did that was bad and poof, she’s all better. Only problem is that she corrupts whatever she puts it into. Kara is all bent out of shape over the wild dogs. I know she’s been taking care of them, but her standoffishness is only making me trust her less. Yes you can trust less than zero.

So, back to the kid. Marybelle was just a girl, I was here age when I found out, only my momma had tried to protect me. Her’s is gone, which means she had one mean father willing to beat her senseless for the smallest infraction. I hit him, I meant to scare him, not make him leave her. It’s fine though, I don’t even blame the kid for killing him, I’d have done it given the chance. He reminded me too much of my own father.

I’d like to say that I don’t know why Telk has decided that he wants to care for her, but I think I’ve figured it out. I just hope that he doesn’t pay for it if something goes wrong. He’s got to be more careful about what he says. He makes promises a little too carelessly. Either that or he really thinks I’m worth trusting, which is probably a personality flaw on his part. I’m not honest, and I’m not good. You don’t survive in this world all pristine, especially when you have people looking for a reason to hate you.

I’m teaching the kid and Telk to shapeshift. He’s been using a ritual to mask himself, and it would hold off any corruption if he did it like me. It would save the kid too, it took me years to figure it out, and now it’s like slipping on a second coat. It will save her some heart ache, and maybe give her the normal life no one else got. No witches, or wizards to make her a slave, I mean apprentice. She’ll be able to make up her own mind and maybe grow up half way normal.

I probably should write about some other things that have happened, but to be be honest, it’s too personal to put here. If someone were to read it… it might do bad things, so you don’t get to know. Sorry. No one is going to steer anyone that I’ve decided to protect because I wrote a journal.

Fire Brand
"All Your Power!"

The Sunstone is destroyed when Bartholen appears and launches an attack on Kazad. Four farmers are slain by the mare cats he summons to do battle, but the worst cut is that Telk is nearly slain in the fray when he is forced to protect someone without compensation.

During the fight, Glennis released the Sunstone’s true power, and summoned a fire elemental to fight on her behalf. Bartholen was driven off, damaged but intact, and the elemental brands Glennis so it will be able to protect her in the future. In exchange, she releases the fire spirit from its servitude.

The Secret

Telk is cursed to transform into a dire cat whenever he breaks his word, or grants unsolicited aid. He must be compensated or transform into a fierce beast that hunts until it kills.

Sarethia agreed to keep his secret.

The local joke when they were shortly discovered together later suggests a relationship that does not exist, a point of great upset for the changeling girl.

Killing Farmer John

The Changelings discovered a new changeling child among the farmers, after he abandoned her for questioning him. The strain was sufficient to generate the change, but her reaction was startling. She utilized a frightening number of abilities, slaughtered him, and then promptly forgot she had ever changed.

Telk theorized that something in this place may be responsible for her startling transformation.

The Keep
Under a Seemingly Innocuous Home
A Horror of Spiders
Tricklesting Lair

Webs are made of silk. Silk is prized. The farmers believed the silk moth fields would yield greater wealth, but the silk fields turned out to be a tricklesting nest.

Base Camp
The Ruins of Kazad

The most defensible place in Kazad has no roof, but would be easy to fortify. The party plans to spend the two days it gained traveling through the mountain, developing the city and harvesting herbs.

The Ruins of Kazad
Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

The party emerged from the tunnel after narrowly surviving an encounter with a cryptwalker, and found themselves in the ancient city of Kazad, lost tens of thousands past twenty years.

They also uncover a surprising number of herbs in a place where the world had grown sick, and many thousands laid dead.

Imperial Star is artichoke. It’s a rarity, and very plentiful here.
Holy Green is basil. It’s a rare herb marveled for its flavor.
Knitbone is comfrey. It’s used to reduce inflammation and sprains.
Tomeleaf or Bibleleaf is costmary. It is a natural pest repellant.
Bronze Fennel is a wonderful culinary and medicinal herb.
Feverfew is also a popular herb used for medicine.
Lobelia is a beautiful, very rare flower favored by hummingbirds.

The party also recovered an intact stone tablet from the tunnel, and a rich purple corundum from the cryptwalker’s resting place.

The Tunnel
Goblin Survivors

The party survived a violing attack in the Bright while following the Kanaran trails back into the Bright, coming upon a cave that seemed to be a ruin from lost Symbaroum. Entering, the party fell upon a group of four goblin survivors from the same village they destroyed.

Taking pity, they awarded the goblins with two days of meager rations and sent them on their way, after questioning them about the contents of the cave, learning only that they were “whispers in the dark,” in a strange language they did not understand.

Trek into the Pass

The goblin attacks left the Ambrians distrustful, and so your number were reduced as Telk and the others were detained to prove Quzzit and Rageor’s innocence.

The party struck out for the abandoned village of Pass, where they were able to set up a stable campsite before a Kanaran attack drew them deeper into the Bright.


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