Symbaroum - Descent into Ambria


The party was successful raising a surprise attack and defeating their foe.

They part ways amicably, one returning to her people far to the north while the rest set course for the coasts of their home, to begin the fight inward toward Corinthia.

Captain Rogan
Malrogan's Return

Bertholin’s power over Malrogan was broken, and the fel was working hard to restore his humanity. When he learned it was no longer possible, he sought to relieve himself of his tormented undead state, only agreeing to be put down once Bertholin had been hunted down and destroyed.

This didn’t work well for the party witches—so Rogan agreed to take his leave in peace. He will not face the party again, until the necromage is defeated, unless a confrontation if forced upon him.

Old Enemy

Telk is not Telk, and has not been for some time.

The spirit of Bertholin had one choice—oblivion or occupation, and Sara, discovering his deception, was captured away from the party. Firmly under his sway, she is now a prisoner luring the party back to their doom.

The Debt Collector

Someone on the ship is trying to escape a large debt, and the local gambling pool doesn’t appreciate it.

Return to the Keep

The keep sprawls before you, filled with cobwebs and bones. It looks like the townspeople holed up here until the end, and it looks like it was not a gentle journey into that good night.

Rageor Returns
Isle of Misfit Abominations

The rage troll is back, and the undead charged with keeping justice in the Finger Isles have been released to their rest. In this bargain, Saraethia and Telk have agreed to stay on the largest island, and bring their child up.

They have offered to maintain contact with the party, in order to help them find safe haven between attacks. Another surprise was the discovery of an elf on the island—from a northern elf tribe.

The party has used this opportunity to travel from island to island, as they search for a new base of operations, and a settlement for a band of human separatists.

Lost Girl - Entry 9
The new and improved personal Journals of Saraethia the Changling

It’s been a month… so much for writing more often but I’ll sum up as best as I can.

We found some pirates, goblins mostly. They tried to fire on our ship, and Kibbles help allowed us to keep from getting hit by them. They have these things that they call dragon fire cannons. They basically shoot gouts of flame and fiery shot at their target so that’s always fun I suppose. We sent Shade to go cannon ball himself through their ship, which he did and it proceeded to sink. We managed to rescue about half the crew and they signed on to work with us. Nice deal for them, ‘cause they’d been slaves before.

About a day into the trip down the coast we found out about the settlement they’d all come from. Ogres enslaved them and made them work as pirates, miners, thieves, you name it. So, we laid out a real careful plan. Shade bargained with them as an ogre, talked to them until we could free the slaves, and then all out chaos started. Shade killed the boss, which made him the boss, so the other ogres wanted to kill him so they could be the boss instead. Chaos ensued, but you know, we came out on top. Obviously. Can’t much write when you’re dead.

Anyway, we set everyone free and started to resettle one of the bigger boats as our own. It’s called the Cutter. and it’s not bad as far as ships go. Or at least that’s what they tell me. We found out that just before leaving that the mines hadn’t been settled so we managed to get that done by offering them more of a cut of the profits and killing the ogres that were there. That was Shade’s fault.

Which while we’re on the subject of Shade, he’s a bit of a pretentious asshole. I know that Telk say’s it’s just the way things are done, but he pocketed a bunch of stuff from the hoard and I’ve been keeping it in the pot except for the things that I can myself use, especially the stuff that doesn’t belong to the people that were left after the ogres were gone.

I mean, he’s useful and such, but gods damn it he’s stubborn.

There was a girl there that had been corrupted to stay alive… I felt for her and I knew I should have just done my job… but she knew what she was and she wore her guilt like a cloak. I couldn’t bring myself to do it… Not knowing what I do now. I gave her my book. I had copied it already, but if she masters it, she can cleanse herself and start over. It’s what I’ve been trying to do all along.

After all of that, we were on the water for three weeks. Long enough for Telk to get it through my skull that maybe I wasn’t sea sick… Turns out he’s right… I don’t know how to feel about it, but what’s done is done. I guess we really do get to find out what happens when two changelings end up together. I think he’s a spooked as I am about the whole thing, and judging by my uncle’s response to that whole thing, just about everyone is unsure. Glennis on the other hand just thinks I’ve gotten fat.

We ended up in a mess of fog a few weeks into our sailing and took out two of the three missing ogre ships. We left them burning in the distance before we got blown off course. We found an island named after an old wrecked ship. It seems just a little to perfect here though and it’s made us all uneasy. We are going to probably try and get out as fast as we can.

Even if this place is okay, which I doubt, but it is what it is, I don’t want Bertolin to ruin this for them. There deserves to be some place in the world that isn’t corrupt. There should be some place where people can grow up and not end up like the lot of us.

I don’t know what I’m going to do though. A baby when we are chasing a necromancer… he’d kill her or him just to hurt us. Afterall, it’s my fault that he lost his familiar. If I were him, I’d be ready to take me apart a piece at a time.

We need to figure something out, but as it stands, the Cutter is a bit worse for the wear and we don’t have a safe place for me to leave a child where they’d be safe. So either I’m done here, or we need to find something else to do.

I wonder if I can just convince Telk to set up shop on one of the other little islands, farther away from the weirdness here, but still far, far away from Bertolin. Maybe we could actually live, you know like humans do.

Probably just a dream, but it’s a nice one regardless.

The Cutter

The ship is a trade up from the old fishing boat the party inherited from the city in the north. Now, they are responsible for releasing dozens of slaves and turning a pirate town into a toll way on the sailing routes north.

Lost Girl - Entry 8
The new and improved personal Journals of Saraethia the Changling

Reading the logs of the people on that ship have made me think I should probably write more, especially given the fact that things keep happening to us. It would be too easy for someone to come stumbling along on this and not have clue one what happened to us.

We got to the port city. It was… it should have been everything we’d hoped for until Glennis realized that their fire elementals were slaves. I get it, no one should be a slave, but there were thousands of them, this isn’t like convincing farmers not to scrape dust from the wings of moths. This is a whole city of people learning to do things all over because they’ve had other things to do it for them.

They called a trial basically to decide how and why we believed this, then they questioned us separately and asked so many questions about who we are and what we believe and think about things. I probably only made them trust us less. I can’t blame them, I mean I don’t trust them either. Trusting strangers is how you get dead.

After all of that they decided we were right and ordered the wizards to release their elementals. That’s after one of them tried to enslave Glennis’s friend. Oh hell no, he saved my life by fighting back Bertolin when he had me in that tree.

They pulled us all apart and then everyone was dismissed from the meeting area, and we went to bed. I was talking to my Uncle, who agreed to watch my Father’s wife, and move to a safer location. I suggested the capitol because at very least he could keep an eye on my… sister… still reeling from that little tidbit of news. I don’t know if I’m going to even try to meet her, I mean what the hell would I know about any of that.

Anyway, we were talking when we heard a loud crash, everyone stirred from their beds and we found that the wizards (go figure) had decided that they’d rather keep slaves and attacked the city. We made it to the library, thinking that they wouldn’t burn it down and we could ride this shit out. It wasn’t our place, and they had done everything they could to prove that we weren’t trusted or wanted.

The woman that had helped us through that “process” put guards on the library after we had climbed into the shelves. I couldn’t help but laugh after the guards seemed so confused. Anyway, my laughing alerted her to our presence and she asked for help. Glennis called her friend back, and he brought some of his others, who attacked the wizards and set their people free. That being said, there was hell to pay afterwards. We also tried to put Access in the machine that makes the power… she tried to install herself there but something went wrong and she had to power — off? Down? Something. She said she needed to go back to where she came from, which means we are going the long way round from this way forward.

No more number 9 for us, and good riddance to that. It’s fast but being in that floaty one nearly killed Telk, and I’m sorry but going faster isn’t worth that to me. It took four days to clean up the mess in that city though, and in the meantime the elementals were getting more and more angry at what had been done to them. They killed the man that led the city and branded the woman who’d helped us so that they could keep an eye on them.

In the end, they surrendered to the elementals. Life there would be changed forever, and maybe that was a good thing. They’d been living on the backs of others for hundreds of years, and it was time they did things for themselves. I did get a book from their library though, it has information on just about everything I needed to know for how to fix Telk, but it’s going to take some time for me to be able to do it. Theurgy is kind of different compared to witchcraft.

Having a focus has helped though. Oh, that and we have a boat. It’s got a crew of elementals that have agreed to help us because we saved them. That’s where things get interesting. So I hate sailing. I’d never been before so I didn’t know, but I hate it. It makes me sick, and Telk is sick and so is Kibbles. I hate it.

Now that that is clear, we found a port where we waited for a storm to pass. There was a boat just moored in the harbour but when we found it, there was no one on board. It was full of supplies but there was no sign of anything wrong on board, except that they’d just left their stuff and went. After a bit of arguing we decided to go after the crew on land. Half we found cooked and being eaten by abominations. We handled that and found one left, Mahera healed him and Kibbles took him back to the ship where the others were waiting for us to come back.

The other trail was bad… we found someone half dead crawling behind the others, He knocked him out after we realized that he was being compelled and couldn’t stop. The rest… well they were already dead. Zombies. Glennis destroyed the leader, he’d been wearing a necklace that looked exactly like one of the ones we’d found in Bertolin’s stuff. Which probably means they were heading towards the cave where he knew we were. The good news is it will take him a while to realize that something went wrong.

The bad news is that we’ll have to watch our backs in every port from here to Ambria. There’s no choice though, we’ll have to stop eventually. We’ll need to eat and get clean water.

For now the two from the other crew that were left alive have been showing us how to use the ship, the elementals have been teaching us a thing or two while they can be here, so that we don’t have to stop moving when it rains.

So that’s where we are, we’re on a boat, in the middle of the sea, with nothing but time. I’ll get reading, that is if I can focus with all this sloshing… I think I’m going to be sick again…

Lost Girl - Entry 7
The new and improved personal Journals of Saraethia the Changling

I don’t want to do this anymore.

I feel terrible, constantly. I’m exhausted, I’m losing everything, and I might lost more.
I’m almost considering we just stay here, rather than try to get home, because lets face it, it would take Bertolin a long, long time to find us and he doesn’t move that fast.

I talked to Saran tonight. He’s planning to contact me every night now so that they know we are alright. I want to be happy that someone is finally looking out for me, but hey the last time that happened I watched them get murdered after basically causing their death.

Saran says it was a set up. Lexonal started the fight with me so I’d be awake, so that I’d know to run… it doesn’t make any of this any better, that and the rest just leaves me raw. I don’t want to do this anymore.

The elf, you know, the one we saved from Freehold, yeah… so you know how there are no changelings in the elven city? Well that’s because they go through a ritual to make them full elves, and then they forget everything that happened to them before.

(droplets mark the page causing the bottom of the last line to smear slightly, though it remains legible.)

Looks like I wasn’t as alone in the world as I thought, and I think she’d started to figure it out, but I didn’t. Knowing that she was probably the one that betrayed me to the Ordo Magica only makes it hurt worse. I don’t understand any of this and I don’t want to. I just want to forget, and — no, I don’t want to forget. I would be just like them.

We think that Lexonal and my mother continued their relationship after I was gone, that she was a changeling too and rather than dying he made her an elf and married her. Which is why no one found me, they probably just stopped looking.

I hate rabbit. I remember liking rabbit, but it no longer likes me. I think my toes are in the bucket over there… and I can’t tell if it’s my stomach or my nerves that make me wretch just about everything that I eat. Telk looks worried, but isn’t saying why. I keep telling him that I’m sure it will pass and I’ll be fine, but you know how he is by now.

This place makes my skin crawl. There are witches everywhere, and worse; they’ve been keeping slaves without even knowing it. It’s just like humans to not even consider that anything else is sentient. They are worse then elves like that, not by much but it’s enough.

The only reason I’m even entertaining the idea of playing nice with the humans is because they have theurgy here. They could help Telk, or me, or any of us really. They acted like they wanted to study us though which just makes me feel less comfortable. Maybe we should just take off after sunrise tomorrow and try to get south. Six months is a long time, and we have horses now so maybe it won’t be so bad. Only problem with that plan is I won’t survive six months in the dark. Not with how sick I am already, not to mention the corruption.

Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning.


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