Symbaroum - Descent into Ambria

The Promised Land
Day One

When our story begins, you are held up south of the Titans, in a caravan camp full of stragglers looking for traveling companions to accompany them on the journey over the mountains. Here, we introduce setting and review the rules of combat. This is the day you learn why you are leaving the south and a hint of what they are headed for: the ample fields and swaying forests of Ambria.

The Theft
Or, How Keler Met the Elves

Keler was a disgruntled guard whose momentary lapse in judgment led to his dismissal. He returned the next night and stole the Sun Stone from the caravan’s wizard, threatening the entire caravan when it would need to cross the mountain pass.

The party managed to recover the stone, capture the thief, and return both to the caravan.

Theft is dealt with harshly, and Keler was beaten and sent without provisions into the woods. He didn’t make it a mile before he was picked off by elves with long bows. The elves issued a warning: the brigands Keler was working with were on their way.

The Undying Horde

The mountain village of Pass was home to hundreds before the fall of Alberetor.

Thirty men left to guard were killed by the corrupted corpse of Rogan Gorinder. He lost his arm in an attack, but instead of killing him, he was transformed into an abomination. When Mal-Rogan regained his senses, he had been transformed into a creature of great power and evil.

Shedding his heart in a dark ritual, he made himself a pact with a necromancer, and promised in turn to transform him into one of his new children.

Symbol of the Faith
The Hand of Sorrow

The necromancer kept his bargain, and was transformed. Now, the party must get survivors of this doomed caravan to safety, before the undead can regroup, and return. Thus far, there have been injuries, but only a few deaths.

In two days, either the caravan will safely reach Thistlehold, or there will be many more dead, to greet the next living to pass this way.

Death in the Pass
The Hunger Wolves

The Elves took offense to the presence of humans in the Pass again, and insisted on two sacrifices to answer to the incursion into the forests. Refused, they returned and attacked, but the hunger wolves miscalculated, and the guards incidentally killed one of the elves.

Caravan broken by the constant attacks, a pitched battle fought for two days ended with the military strength of Ambria coming to bear, and chasing the elves all the way back to the Forest.

One Little Job
Thistletown Projects

The local fire has destroyed the silk farms surrounding Thistletown. Before another provider becomes the center for silk in Yndaros, the manufacturers must take into their employ a group strong enough to go into the Bright, and capture live silkmoths for a new farm.

The Killing Fields

The goblins mount a defense as the party enters their territory.

They fight like goblins, which is to say they fail. But laughter echoing in the wind above the trees points to a darker passing.

The Offer

The man at the inn paid for your food and drink, and invited each of you back to the Order. There, you were treated to wine, food, and an offer—the same people who made Bartholin may be responsible for the undead, and for Bartholin’s conversion to evil.

Your cover is to head into the Bright to establish a base, while a collection of farmers gather silk moths for their destroyed trade. While they are gathering moths, you will hunt Bartholin.

Into the Bright
The Camp

The party is sent ahead into Davokar, to find a suitable campsite for a team of farmers and gatherers to capture and safely transport thousands of silk moths back to Thistlehold.

The moths will require cultivation and proper feeding, so the party will also be responsible for guarding the camp and gathering the right herbs and materials. It will also give them the opportunity to gather what other herbs and things are required for their own machinations.

But they are not the only ones interested in what happens in the forests of Davokar.

Lost Girl - Entry 1
Personal Journal of Saraethia the Changeling

The beginning of my story is exactly like every other changelings I would guess. I was born, my first memories were of Ambria, home, belonging. I was exactly like everyone else. I looked like them, talked like them, and even thought like them. Life was everything it should be.

Around the year I turned twelve things changed. My mother started keeping me inside more, fixing my hair to look longer, she even colored it with dyes ones to keep the shade from changing. We avoided my father most days, he decided that he didn’t like my company as much anymore, mother said it was the wars that bothered him. He was a soldier.

When my ears forked my mother tried to hide it. She covered them, I wore hats, but then my father saw. He threw me out with the dress I had been wearing alone. I remember crying on the threshold while the people in the burrow around us just stared.

I found the bag laying beside me when I woke before dawn the next day, That’s where this story really starts.

I was hunting a presumed wayward magic user in a caravan. Ordo Magica, the wizards that dance too close to the sun and get burned, often. What they didn’t give me was a good enough description to know I was hunting Bertolen, the leader of the Ordo. I thought it was some apprentice or something… I was wrong.

Then I met Telk, another changeling, and the first I’d met. I mean, I know there are more of us, but I’d never actually met one. At first I even hoped I could have a single friend, a single person that understood what it was like to have to pretend to belong.

After the whole goblin thing, after the undead, you would think that he’d have told me, Oh hey, I’m a Witch Hunter too… But no, he kept up the lie. I don’t know why, we should be able to at least trust each other with a shared profession. Oh well.

There are new people, a shape shifter, rich girl, barbarian archer, then the usuals. Glennis is about the only one I can count on to watch my back for sure. I pay her. That’s just what it is, we do the jobs, we get paid, we move on. That’s how it will have to be. In fact, I think from now on, that’s the way I like it.


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