Symbaroum - Descent into Ambria

Lost Girl - Entry 9

The new and improved personal Journals of Saraethia the Changling

It’s been a month… so much for writing more often but I’ll sum up as best as I can.

We found some pirates, goblins mostly. They tried to fire on our ship, and Kibbles help allowed us to keep from getting hit by them. They have these things that they call dragon fire cannons. They basically shoot gouts of flame and fiery shot at their target so that’s always fun I suppose. We sent Shade to go cannon ball himself through their ship, which he did and it proceeded to sink. We managed to rescue about half the crew and they signed on to work with us. Nice deal for them, ‘cause they’d been slaves before.

About a day into the trip down the coast we found out about the settlement they’d all come from. Ogres enslaved them and made them work as pirates, miners, thieves, you name it. So, we laid out a real careful plan. Shade bargained with them as an ogre, talked to them until we could free the slaves, and then all out chaos started. Shade killed the boss, which made him the boss, so the other ogres wanted to kill him so they could be the boss instead. Chaos ensued, but you know, we came out on top. Obviously. Can’t much write when you’re dead.

Anyway, we set everyone free and started to resettle one of the bigger boats as our own. It’s called the Cutter. and it’s not bad as far as ships go. Or at least that’s what they tell me. We found out that just before leaving that the mines hadn’t been settled so we managed to get that done by offering them more of a cut of the profits and killing the ogres that were there. That was Shade’s fault.

Which while we’re on the subject of Shade, he’s a bit of a pretentious asshole. I know that Telk say’s it’s just the way things are done, but he pocketed a bunch of stuff from the hoard and I’ve been keeping it in the pot except for the things that I can myself use, especially the stuff that doesn’t belong to the people that were left after the ogres were gone.

I mean, he’s useful and such, but gods damn it he’s stubborn.

There was a girl there that had been corrupted to stay alive… I felt for her and I knew I should have just done my job… but she knew what she was and she wore her guilt like a cloak. I couldn’t bring myself to do it… Not knowing what I do now. I gave her my book. I had copied it already, but if she masters it, she can cleanse herself and start over. It’s what I’ve been trying to do all along.

After all of that, we were on the water for three weeks. Long enough for Telk to get it through my skull that maybe I wasn’t sea sick… Turns out he’s right… I don’t know how to feel about it, but what’s done is done. I guess we really do get to find out what happens when two changelings end up together. I think he’s a spooked as I am about the whole thing, and judging by my uncle’s response to that whole thing, just about everyone is unsure. Glennis on the other hand just thinks I’ve gotten fat.

We ended up in a mess of fog a few weeks into our sailing and took out two of the three missing ogre ships. We left them burning in the distance before we got blown off course. We found an island named after an old wrecked ship. It seems just a little to perfect here though and it’s made us all uneasy. We are going to probably try and get out as fast as we can.

Even if this place is okay, which I doubt, but it is what it is, I don’t want Bertolin to ruin this for them. There deserves to be some place in the world that isn’t corrupt. There should be some place where people can grow up and not end up like the lot of us.

I don’t know what I’m going to do though. A baby when we are chasing a necromancer… he’d kill her or him just to hurt us. Afterall, it’s my fault that he lost his familiar. If I were him, I’d be ready to take me apart a piece at a time.

We need to figure something out, but as it stands, the Cutter is a bit worse for the wear and we don’t have a safe place for me to leave a child where they’d be safe. So either I’m done here, or we need to find something else to do.

I wonder if I can just convince Telk to set up shop on one of the other little islands, farther away from the weirdness here, but still far, far away from Bertolin. Maybe we could actually live, you know like humans do.

Probably just a dream, but it’s a nice one regardless.


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